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You know that saying we as Cleveland fans have? You know the one I’m talking about. “Wait Until Next Year”. It’s our unofficial mantra. Well, it’s time to embrace that concept. I’m happy to announce the launching of a new blog, WaitingForNextYear.

I have teamed up with Rick of Halftime Adjustments and Scott of Cleveland Sports Minute to start the new site. You can expect my same contributions at the new site, but things will be even bigger and better with the new staff. More writers means more insights and more posts. Our goal was to team up to provide Cleveland fans the most thorough and most insightful looks at Cleveland sports news as we possibly could. I think you will all enjoy the new site, and I look forward to seeing you all over at the new site. So please come check us out:


Thanks again for reading! Here’s to many more years of Cleveland Sports coverage…