Senator TresselHere’s To Hoping The Senator Can Repeat This Image And Erase Last Year’s Image

When I started this blog, I made the very difficult decision to just stick to professional sports. It wasn’t that I loved Cleveland sports teams more than my alma mater’s sports teams. Rather, it was an issue of time. I wanted my site to focused and, for the most part, to the point. I felt my posts would suffer from the overkill of trying to write all my thoughts on Ohio State sports.

But tonight is an exception. As my beloved Buckeyes get ready to try this thing again this year, I just want to wish the team the best of luck. I give OSU the advantage in RB and OL. I give LSU the advantage at WR. QB is a toss up. I give OSU the advantage all around on defense. Sure, Dorsey is amazing, but the Buckeyes’ front four is the best in the nation.

I’ll let you decipher for yourself what this means. I’m not going to make a prediction this year. I don’t know what’s going to happen. What I can bet, though, is that there’s no way this game ends up 41-14 in favor of LSU. Go Bucks!!!