GibsonDaniel Gibson Becomes The Latest To Miss Time?

For sure, this has been the most frustrating Cavaliers season of the LeBron Era. Decimated by injuries and foolish holdouts, the team is in the midst of a 6 game losing streak, with a record of 9-12, and a 4th place position in their own division.

For the first time all season, though, things are starting to turn around. Larry Hughes returned to the lineup and was shockingly not half bad. Cedric Simmons has been practicing. LeBron is rumored to return to the lineup tonight. Anderson Varejao is back with the team, has practiced, and is rumored to be in uniform tonight. And Donyell Marshall is thankfully still unable to play (I’m not saying I’m happy he’s hurt….I don’t like to take delight in injury. What I AM saying, though, is that this is a better team without Marshall. I firmly believe this to be true).

But this is Cleveland. Nothing is ever 100% good. And Daniel Gibson is the latest to succumb to Cleveland-itis. Brian Windhorst has reported that Boobie is doubtful for tonight’s game with…..are you ready for this?………a “wisdom tooth problem.” Indeed, following the Cavs really is like pulling teeth somtimes…..bad pun intended.

Woe Is Us

Speaking of pulling teeth, here’s an item that will satisfy the inner masochist in all of us. On Monday, December 17, following the Cavs game, be sure to check out the new documentary on Cleveland sports fans on Fox Sports Ohio, “Make ‘Em Forget”.

The film is supposed to include clips from the likes of Drew Carey and Chris Rose, as well as your average fan. Since we all love to rehash our most painful memories, we’ll be sure to enjoy this one. It has everything in it:

“He goes over it all — The Drive (@!%#$ Elway!). The Fumble (does anyone other than a Browns or Broncos fan remember who Jeremiah Castille was?). And although no one’s ever named it, let’s just call it The Move (It’s just not worth bashing Art Modell any longer).

That’s not to say that Cleveland’s other sports teams get slighted — not even close. The Tribe receives serious screen time, as folks chat about the near misses in the Tribe’s appearances in the World Series in the 1990s.

The documentary wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the team that many Northeast Ohioans continue to pin their championship dreams on — the Cavaliers. Of course there’s mention of The Shot, the moment credited with beginning the legend of Michael Jordan.”

Indeed, this should be a good time. All kidding aside, there’s immense pride in the history of our sports teams, and it’s always fun to relive the memories, yes even the bad ones, with other die hard fans. After all, that’s why this whole sports blogging industry is so popular. I hate listening to the national media talk about Cleveland sports and its fans, but I absolutely love listening to real fans talking about these teams. I think the documentary will definitely be worth checking out.