Brady QuinnBrady Quinn Draft Day Deal Still The Right Thing To Do held their first Mock Draft already today. If the season ended today, the Browns would have the 21st overall pick, which would go to Dallas to complete the Brady Quinn deal.

To this day the deal still looks brilliant to me. I’m not sure even Phil Savage ever dreamed the Browns would be in this position so soon. Essentially, though, as of now, the Browns traded a #21 pick for a #22 pick, only with the added advantage of having Quinn sitting and learning all year long.

Anyway, has the Cowboys taking Texas WR Limas Sweed with the Browns’ pick. So, Limas Sweed for Brady Quinn, huh? I think that’s a deal I would make, wouldn’t you? The only two picks that stand out for me after Sweed is taken are Vernon Gholston and Felix Jones. I think either one would help the Browns an awful lot. But even with those guys, I still think I would have made the Brady Quinn deal.