AndyIf Only My Portugese Was Better

I have not seen this reported anywhere else, so I’m not sure how valid this is. Also, it’s being reported in Portugese, so I ran it through Google’s translator. According to this story, however, Anderson Varejao has signed a 3 year deal with the Charlotte Bobcats.

If this is true, the Cavaliers will have 7 days to match the offer. There’s no mention of how much the 3 year deal is worth in the article.

The article did, however, attribute some quotes to Andy. Again, the translation is rough, but according to Google, he’s saying something along the lines of,

“Charlotte is a new team, which has talented players such as (the wing / pivotal Emeka) Okafor and (the owner Raymond) Felton, and doing a good job. I am sure that in coming years will evolve and brigar for top positions . now is twisting to give everything right, I do not see the time to return to play.”

I will keep everyone posted if/when I hear more about this. I will reserve judgement/opinion on this until then.

EDIT: Story is now being reported by…I guess there’s our verification

ESPN is reporting that the deal is for 3 years, worth a total of $17.2 million, and contains an opt-out clause after year 2. Basically, this is simple. The Cavs are going to match this offer. There’s no reason not to. It gives the team a much needed boost in AV’s energy and defense, and it give the Cavaliers long term flexibility, again, to be major spenders after the 2009 season. Even more to the point, it gives the Cavs a low-cost expiring contract next season that can be used in a trade to get some real value back on this team.

From AV’s stand point, he gets to opt out in two years, which he will certainly do, and he gets to be an unrestricted free agent sooner rather than later.

Basically, both sides will claim victory on this deal, and maybe they both did win. After all the posturing last week, I didn’t see this kind of a solution coming so soon. So in that manner, perhaps everyone truly is a winner. What is unclear, though, will be the reactions of certain teammates (Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, Damon Jones) to AV’s return after the disparaging remarks AV made last week regarding their lack of performance. Also of note will be the fans’ reaction to his return. Will all be forgiven and will the fans welcome him with open arms, or will they keep him at arm’s length, at least for a while, until he earns his way back into their hearts? It will be fun to watch.

Perhaps I’m just getting ahead of myself, though. We still have to wait and make sure Danny Ferry doesn’t inexplicably decide not to match this offer and let Varejao go without receiving any kind of compensation. So until it’s official, all I’ll say about this is that in the end, I think this will be an ok arrangement for both sides.