Kurt WarnerWeek 13
Cleveland Browns vs Arizona Cardinals
University of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, Arizona
4:00 PM

Another week, another step closer to the playoffs. The Browns (7-4) will be heading to Glendale to take on the Arizona Cardinals (5-6). The Browns, a team trying to sustain its new identity as an offensive power fighting for a playoff spot, will face an Arizona team that is trying to find an identity. Under new first-year coach Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona had hoped to take a step forward this year, and at times looked like that’s exactly what they were doing, but in the end this has been a very mediocre team and has struggled much of the season. A win over Cleveland, though, would get them back to .500 on the season and would give them wins over both of the top 2 teams in the AFC North.

Injury Reports:

Cleveland Browns:

-Ethan Kelley, DT – Doubtful (knee)
-Eric Wright, CB – Doubtful (knee)
-Braylon Edwards, WR – Questionable (hamstring)
-Antwan Peek, LB – Questionable (knee)
-Orpheus Roye, DE – Questionable (knee)
-Kevin Shaffer, OT – Probable (knee)
-Robaire Smith, DE – Probable (knee)
-Steve Heiden, TE – Probable (ankle)

Arizona Cardinals:

-Ross Kolodziej, DT – Out (quadricep)
-Adrian Wilson, S – Out (heel)
-Aaron Francisco, S – Doubtful (calf)
-Jerheme Urban, WR – Doubtful (heel)
-Larry Fitzgerald, WR – Questionable (groin)
-Kurt Warner, QB – Probable (left elbow)

Game Outlook

Injuries could play a big part in this one. A huge key will be if Braylon Edwards can play, and how effective he can be. With injuries to their secondary, the Browns will look to take advantage, and Edwards is a major part of the Browns passing attack. Look for the Browns setup the passing game by pounding the ball early, similar to their approach last week against the Texans. The Cardinals are a middle of the pack team on both offense and defense, and are a team that the Browns can match up favorably against. The Browns should be able to use Jamal Lewis to keep the Cardinals from double teaming and pressing the WRs, and the Browns will look to strike when Edwards and Winslow are matched up in single coverage. The Browns need to keep up the defensive improvements from last week, and use their bend but don’t break defensive approach to create some turnovers against an Arizona team that likes to give the ball away. The Browns are +2 in turnovers this year, while the Cardinals are -7. This is where the Browns can really take control of this game and put it away. I expect a close, tight game early, but I think the Browns offense will just be a little too much for Arizona and end up winning this game 34-24.