Leading Vote GetterBrowns’ Guard Leading Pro Bowl Voting

With just 2 weeks left to vote for the Pro Bowl, NFL.com has released the leading vote grabbers to this point. Cleveland Browns’ left guard Eric Steinbach is leading all AFC guards in votes with 293,339 nominations.

The NFL did not release any other information, so there is no way to know how big the lead is, nor is it possible to know if others, such as Joe Thomas, Josh Cribbs, and Kellen Winslow are close at all to the leaders at their respective positions.

Final results will not be released until the Pro Bowl Selection show on December 18th.

The most frustrating thing I saw on the list was Josh Cribbs not leading the AFC in kick returners. I would have been ok with this if Leon Washington was the leading vote getter, but Wes Welker? Not so much. That vote is an absolute joke. Welker is 4th in the AFC in punt return average, and he does not return kicks. Josh Cribbs is 1st in the NFL in kick return average and 5th in the AFC in punt return average. Who is voting on these awards? Do fans not pay attention to the NFL outside their own teams at all??? And don’t get me started on tight ends, either. How can fans ignore the fact that Winslow is 6th in the entire NFL in receiving yards, 1st among TE’s? Let alone the fact that he’s 1st among TE’s in catches and 5th among TE’s in TDs (a number that would surely be much higher if Braylon Edwards wasn’t splitting so many TDs with him). I don’t want to sound like an esoteric homer here, but fans need to start expanding their boundaries a little bit and stop voting out of such egregious ignorance.

The good news is that the fans’ votes thankfully only count for 1/3 of the proccess. Coaches and players make up the other two thirds. Here’s to hoping the players’ peers can rectify the mistakes of the fans.