ALCSSmall Market, Big Stage

We always hear a lot of talk about the small market Indians. I guess that’s true, I mean, there’s no denying what our payroll looks like ($61.29 million) and where it ranks (23rd in the majors). I just always find it kind of funny because I don’t remember a lot of talk of the Indians being small market when names on the team included the likes of Robbie Alomar, David Justice, Jim Thome, Orel Hersheiser, Denny Martinez, Sandy Alomar Jr, Matt Williams, Travis Fryman, Kenny Lofton, Marquis Grissom, Omar Vizquel, etc. The point being, a team is as big or small market as the size of their owner’s pockets. Detroit used to be a small market team, but now they are 9th in payroll and the are always one of the teams mentioned as candidates for any big signings, so obviously they’re not so “small market’ anymore. Granted, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, and Philly have built in advantages due to the sheer size of those cities. But after that small handful of teams, there’s really no such thing as big market or small market….only big spending owners and small spending owners.

Anyway, as reported today in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Game 7 of the ALCS drew HUGE ratings,

“Sunday night’s Game 7 drew an 11.7 rating, which was 8 percent better than the 10.8 earned by last year’s NLCS Game 7 between the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets. It was the highest-rated LCS game since 2004.”

So obviously the Red Sox had a bigger hand in those ratings than the Indians did, but it still goes to show you that people were interested in watching our team play baseball, and if the ratings “nightmare” that the media predicted for a Cleveland-Colorado World Series had come true, I’m not certain it would have been the fault of the Indians being there. But then again, I’m also not sure why people wouldn’t have wanted to watch a World Series matchup between a young, fun, energetic team like Cleveland and a team like Colorado who is equally young and fun and boasts a hot streak unlike any we’ve seen before. No, I think the ratings might have been ok.