Paul ByrdI’ve Got Your Perspective Right Here…

The Plain Dealer’s Bill Livingston wrote a nice piece this week about Paul Byrd and his reaction to Eric Wedge’s confidence in him.  The article talks a little bit about how and why Byrd developed his old school windup style. It also talks about Byrd’s fearless approach to facing the Red Sox lineup. One line that really caught my eye was when Byrd said, in reference to Wedge’s decision to pitch him in Game 4 of the ALDS over 19 game winner CC Sabathia:

“The whole world wanted C.C. out on the mound, everybody but my mom, Eric Wedge, and my wife. I’ve always appreciated Eric’s loyalty. It’s not me to try to prove everybody wrong. I’d rather prove a few people right. He was one of them. You really start to get the most out of your players when you have that kind of atmosphere.”

I especially can appreciate the part about not proving everybody wrong, but rather, proving those who believe in you right. I think that’s the kind of perspective we all could use more of in our lives.