Do you remember John Farrell? In addition to being drafted by the Indians and spending a few years pitching for the Tribe, he has also been Cleveland’s Farm Director since 2001. Until this year, that is, when Terry Francona hired John to be Boston’s pitching coach. As a former director of our minor league system, particularly during the years many of our current big league starters were coming up through the minors, Farrell obviously has intimate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of many of our guys. For what it’s worth, Farrell is downplaying the value of his information, saying

“On a small level my knowledge of the Indians players can help, but we’re relying mostly on our scouting reports. We feel very good about the information our scouts have gathered.”

I think this is probably a bit of a non-story. I mean I’ve watched the Indians all year and I can tell you that Franklin Gutierrez can’t hit a curve ball to save his life, and that if you get 2 strikes on Jhonny Peralta, just keep throwing him low pitches outside the strike zone because he’ll swing and miss. So you gotta believe that Boston’s scouts know the same things that Mr. Farrell does. The one aspect that bothers me a little, though, is how closely Farrell worked with Fausto Carmona. That’s maybe the one case where Farrell knows a guy inside and out because he’s directly responsible, at least in part, for the success Fausto has had this season.